I’ve always had a passion for Art and Textiles for as long as I can remember! I started collaborating with a well know local photographer, Andy Robinson. Making costume for his photoshoots and The DarkArt Ladies series was produced! These images have gained awards and become known worldwide. Alongside the costume I also make interiors and everyday clothing inspired by the places around me. I have a real passion for Eco printing and love using natural dyes and any foliage and flowers that are in season. If you are looking for something very unique and individual I am your maker!

I have a love for anything vintage, free motion machine embroidery and embellishments! I’m lucky enough to live in the Devon countryside and close to some amazing beaches! I like to incorporate these themes into my work. I always like to go with the seasons so this makes for some Rey unique pieces of work.


Cushions , Throws and other home essentials.

Essential luxuries with a niche feel that make a house a home! Hand printed textiles using plants and foliage found in the Devon countryside make these pieces seasonal and completely unique! I also combine   eucalyptus to give the prints real depth. Various fabric are used to make everything beautifully tactile.

Examples of a few pieces of my work.

Cyanotype cushions

Cyanotype is a way of using the sun to transfer images onto paper and in my case fabric! This gives a beautiful effect with an almost Prussian blue colour.

Eco printed corset

Eco printing is one of my favourite methods of creating printed fabrics. It uses natural methods to transfer prints of plants and foliage onto fabrics.

The DarkArt Ladies

A collaboration between Andy Robinson and myself that has now created a large amount of stunning images. So far there have been several award winning images and an exhibition!


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